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Scholars Trend is a school news portal dedicated to offering students at all levels of education with relevant and valuable information on higher education, scholarships, study abroad, jobs, sport, technology, health, grants and much more.

We help students acquire scholarships, study in the best colleges, and find internships that are a good fit for their future in over 120 countries across the world. Scholars Trend is the greatest website for students looking for educational and student tips. Continue reading to learn more about us, our team, our objectives, and our vision.

Combined with the VISION of teaching and spreading knowledge via the sharing of ideas in a more efficient learning process by designing short and efficient tasks in your chosen course.

scholarships in canadaOur mission is to serve as an online scholarship search engine. There was a need to reach out to students from the slums of Asia to the Sub-Saharan regions of Africa with the good news that they can still get the high-quality education they desire through Scholarships sponsored by corporate and social arms of companies, institutions, governments, and well-meaning individuals.

With the problem in mind, we use the Internet’s capabilities to create “Scholars Trend,” an online information system/portal that serves as a conduit between the sponsor and the applicants.

Scholars Trend is the place to go if you’re seeking for internships, grants, funded scholarships, fellowships, study abroad tips, free online courses, and scholarships.