Bahrain Student Visa – Application, Requirements And Funding

Are you looking for a Bahrain student visa? If yes, then you are at the right place. This article will provide you with detailed information regarding Bahrain student visa.

The country has become a hub for international students from around the globe. The country is known for its rich culture and history. It is also a very important tourist destination.

Bahrain offers a wide range of educational opportunities for international students. Students from around the globe come to study in Bahrain. In order to attract foreign students, the government provides them with various incentives. These include fully funded scholarships, free accommodation, and other benefits.

A student visa is required to study abroad, and the Bahraini government has recently introduced new regulations to help international students get their visas in time.

Students from around the world can get a student visa in Bahrain, provided they meet certain requirements. The visa allows them to live, study and work in the country for up to a period of six months. After completing their studies, students can apply for permanent residency under the Green Card programme.

What is Bahrain Student Visa?

International students who are admitted to Bahraini universities are able to study there with the help of a student visa from Bahrain. You can finish your university studies in Bahrain with the help of this permit.

Why You Need To Study in Bahrain

1. Bahrain has one of the Best Educational Systems in the World

Bahrain’s educational system is based on the British system. The University of Bahrain and the American University in Manama are the two universities in the nation.

In addition to business administration, engineering, architecture, law, medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, both universities also offer bachelor’s degrees in a wide range of other disciplines.

2. Bahrain has a Low Cost of Living

Bahrain has a comparatively inexpensive cost of living when compared to other Middle Eastern nations. The price of housing is affordable. Similar to that, food costs are reasonable. Around the nation, many shopping malls offer everything from groceries to clothing.

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3. The Climate in Bahrain is Friendly

Bahrain’s climate is tropical, with hot summers and mild winters. Throughout the year, rain falls.

4. They Have an Accommodating Culture

Bahrain’s culture is diverse and reflects its multicultural background. People of various nationalities coexist peacefully and have similar ideals.

5. Top Notch Safety

Bahrain places a high value on safety. Citizens have 24-hour access to free medical treatment and police support. The crime rate is low. After nightfall, you can feel safe walking alone.

6. Job Opportunities for International Students to Work

In Bahrain, there are numerous job options. The majority of people work in government, commercial companies, or start their own businesses.

7. Bahrain has the Best Transportation in the Middle East.

Bahrain’s transportation is both convenient and dependable. Buses, taxis, and water taxis are examples of public transportation. Private cars are commonly available.

Eligibility for Bahrain Student Visa

To apply for a visa to study in Bahrain, you must meet the following criteria. They include:

  1. You must get admission to a Bahrain university.
  2. You must have sufficient funds to sponsor your studies.
  3. You must pay your course fees in full, especially for the first year.
  4. You must have proof of medical insurance while in Bahrain.
  5. You must show that you plan to return to your country after your university education in Bahrain.

Documents for Bahrain Student Visa

In addition to meeting the requirements for a student visa, you also need the aforementioned visa documents. They include of:

1. Passport

To obtain a Bahrain student visa, you must have a current passport. Your travel documentation needs to be in good condition. Additionally, it must be valid for at least six months after the date of the visit to Bahrain.

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2. Application Form for a Student Visa for Bahrain

To obtain a visa to visit Bahrain for studies, you also need a passport and an application form. The following details must be included in the application. They consist of:

  • your name
  • place of birth
  • nationality
  • the purpose of your travel
  • the duration of your stay in the country.

3. Photo

You will also need a passport-size photo when applying for a visa to attend a university in Bahrain.

4. Proof of Sufficient Funds

Your proof of funds can be a bank statement or any official document showing you have enough funds for your studies in Bahrain.

5. Proof of accommodation in Bahrain

Another document you need for an entry permit to study in Bahrain is proof of accommodation in the country. It can be a hotel reservation, a hostel or any official evidence of residence in Bahrain.

6. Acceptance Letter from a University in Bahrain

Of course, you need a letter of acceptance from a Bahrain university. Once you get admission to a school in Bahrain, you must collect a document showing proof of your acceptance to the university.

7. Proof of Sponsorship

Sometimes, you will need proof of sponsorship, especially if you need a sponsor apart from your parents.

8. Proof of Scholarship

Apart from proof of sponsorship, you will need evidence of scholarship if you are studying at a Bahrain university under a scholarship.

9. Receipt of Payment for Tuition Fee at a Bahrain University

You also need to bring your receipt for tuition fees, especially for the first year at a Bahrain university.

10. Receipt for Visa fee

You must show evidence of the visa fees to study in Bahrain. Without your receipt for entry permit payment, you will not receive your visa.

How to Apply for a Bahrain Student Visa

Bahrain student visa applications can be submitted online. But you need to deliver your application to a Bahrain embassy in your native country. The procedures listed below can be used to apply for a Bahrain student visa. They include of:

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Step 1: Get in Touch with the Bahraini Embassy in Your Own Country

For information on visa requirements, you must get in touch with the Bahrain embassy or consulate in your own country. You will also ask them to provide you with information on how to apply for a visa to study in Bahrain.

Step 2: Prepare the Proper Documents

Then, compile all the documents you require for your Bahrain study visa. Don’t forget any document. If not, you won’t be given a visa to stay in Bahrain.

Step 3: Fill out an Online Form

You can now submit an application form online. Each field on the application must have accurate information. Your name, birthplace, country, the length of your stay, and the reason for your visit are among the details you must disclose.

Step 4: Submit your Documents to the Bahraini Embassy in Your Nation.

Once the application is finished, you can deliver it along with any supporting documents to a Bahrain embassy nearby.

Step 5. Make Payment for your Bahrain Student Visa

Then, it is time to make your payment for your visa. You can pay your entry permit fee online. Then, submit your proof of visa payment to the Bahrain embassy in your country of residence or origin.

Step 6. Wait for processing

Once you have made your visa payment, you must wait for the Bahrain embassy to process your entry permit.


Bahrain, in the Middle East, has one of the top educational systems, to sum it up. Additionally, students from other parts of the world can adapt to Bahrain’s educational system by using the British model. You must, however, learn the nation’s official teaching language.

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