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Are you looking for teaching jobs in Canada? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll give you some tips and strategies to get started with your job hunt.

Canada has always been known as one of the best countries for teachers. The country offers great opportunities for those who want to teach abroad. There are various types of teaching positions available in Canada. Some of them include elementary school teachers, high school teachers, middle school teachers, special education teachers, and much more.

Canada has always been known for its high-quality education system. The country offers excellent educational opportunities for students from kindergarten to the postgraduate level. In addition to this, Canadian universities are also ranked highly across the globe.

There are plenty of job openings in Canada for teachers. These include elementary, secondary, and special education teachers. There are also positions available for English language learners, math teachers, science teachers, and social studies teachers.

Why You Need to Apply for Teaching Jobs in Canada

There are lots of reasons why one would want to move out of their home country. Some of them include better job opportunities, higher pay, less stress, etc.

Teaching abroad has become very popular these days. Many students from around the globe choose to study at schools overseas because they offer better career prospects.

This is true especially if you have a degree in Education. The good thing about teaching abroad is that it gives you the chance to travel and experience other cultures. Most countries where you can teach English require teachers who have a bachelor’s degree.

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Besides earning some serious dollars, there are also numerous perks that come along with being a foreign teacher. For example, you’ll get to experience another culture firsthand. And since you’ll likely live with a host family, your accommodations will be free.

Plus, you’ll often be able to travel whenever you want. Finally, teaching English abroad gives you the opportunity to explore a new place and meet new people.

Canadian Education: An Overview

All provinces offer kindergarten education to kids when they are four or five years old.

In grades one through twelve, students finish their primary and secondary education. Depending on the provincial arrangements, students transfer from primary to secondary school between grades six and eight. The term “K-12” or “K through 12” is frequently used to describe the educational system from kindergarten through grade 12.

The academic year runs from late August till late June. Schools in both English and French are available all around the nation.

Teaching Jobs in Canada

For teaching positions in Canada, a bachelor’s degree in education and a provincial certificate are often necessary. If at all feasible, begin the certification procedure prior to your arrival in Canada as it can be a lengthy process.

When determining eligibility for teaching employment in Canada, several considerations are taken into account. For illustration, the candidate might require:

  • Recent teaching experience.
  • Proficiency in English or French.
  • Familiarity with the culture and curriculum of the Canadian education system.
  • Fitness to teach, including character reference and successful criminal record checks.

Additionally, supervised student teaching can be necessary. It is advised to earn a degree in one teachable subject and a minor in another teachable subject in order to qualify for secondary teaching positions in Canada. These include business, social studies, science, and language.

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How much does a Teacher make a Year in Canada?

Picking an average compensation for teaching jobs across Canada is a little deceiving given the immense size of the country as a whole and the political clout that each province possesses.

Nevertheless, according to recent research, among major Canadian cities, Winnipeg has the highest teacher pay at about $102,000 per year (typically for positions requiring around 10 years of experience), while Montreal has the lowest, with qualified candidates receiving $82,500 per year to teach in this region of Canada in 2019. Entry-level jobs come with less favorable pay.

How can I become a teacher in Canada?

The requirements to become a teacher in Canada, like many other areas of living there, vary depending on which province you want to teach in.

Therefore, if you want to teach in Nova Scotia, the criteria will be somewhat different than those in Ontario. However, in order to be considered for any teaching position in Canada, candidates must meet at least two of the following three criteria:

  • A bachelor’s degree in education.
  • A provincial teacher’s certificate.
  • A bachelor’s of education in French.

Is teaching in demand in Canada?

Although there may be a trend here, this question is also very province-specific. Nevertheless, a recent analysis from the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada showed that depending on the province you choose to teach in, career chances for teaching postings in Canada range from good to limited.

For instance, you have a strong possibility of getting employment if you want to teach in Quebec, British Columbia, or the Northwest Territories, but this is less likely if Ontario is your preferred location. However, if becoming a teacher in Canada is what you want to do, it is a terrific career and well worth the effort.

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