Work in USA for Nigerians with Free Accommodation – Upto $30,000 Yearly

Getting a work in USA can be beneficial to one’s career. Today, Nigerians are looking for work in nations like Canada, the United States, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

Someone that works or has a career can contribute positively to a society that will bring forth development and the expansion of a country’s economy since a productive citizen makes a stronger community through his contribution.

The best place to learn everything you need to know about employment opportunities in the United States for foreign nationals is right here on this article.

Requirements for Work in USA

The following are some prerequisites you must meet in order to be able to work in the United States from Nigeria.

  • Your amount of experience in your profession
  • A passport and a visa that are both current
  • A résumé that is well-written
  • Your degree of educational achievement
  • Language Proficiency

Tips to Note Before Applying for Work in USA

  • It is never simple to find work in USA; for this reason, it is crucial to focus on small towns with less competition.
  • As a visitor, you must locate a fellow citizen who will make you feel at home and provide you guidance on what to do.
  • The necessity to accurately comprehend American employers is another crucial piece of advice to keep in mind. Try to always consider how to answer any question that is posed to you.
  • You can submit your CV on urban US websites, which is advised. Include contact information and a list of all your talents and abilities. After retraining, finding employment will be considerably simpler. It is possible to accomplish it in practically every institution of higher learning in the nation.
  • It is necessary to frequently check for fresh job postings; do not put off sending your resume to various employers.


How to Get a Work in USA as a Foreigner

You must craft a strong CV if you wish to work in the US from Nigeria. You must briefly discuss your own life, where you went to school, and whether particular skills are available.

When looking for a work in USA, it’s important and beneficial to learn the skill of building relationships with potential employers first. However, this goes beyond just supporting it with:

  • Have a solid idea of what job you are seeking for
  • Make sure your degree is reliable enough to qualify you for employment in the USA.
  • Concentrate only on companies that sponsor the visa type you have.
  • Ensure that your CV is strong and that it include a cover letter, references, and an online presence.
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Work in USA for Foreigners – Categories of People Needed

An individual is permitted to work in the US if they fit into one of the following categories.

Temporary Employees

These are workers who are not on a permanent basis. They are foreign nationals who apply for a work visa at the US consulate in order to enter the US and work there. For a predetermined amount of time, temporary workers are permitted to remain in the country. They are limited to only those actions for which a permit has been issued.

Permanent Employees

This category of inhabitants includes people who are eligible for permanent residence in the US. They wouldn’t require any specialized permits, so they could work at any job they desired.

Students with Visa

Working in the US is permitted for students with a visa. However, they will need to get a work permit from a person who has been given the go-ahead at their college, university, or school. If the analysis is not put on hold because of job commitments, it will be released. In America, these activities are combined by many students.


Works in USA for Foreigners without Academic Qualification

Now that you know how to quickly find a job anywhere in the world, you can try your luck by putting the aforementioned tactics to use.

The list of the greatest jobs in America that pay well for foreigners is provided below.

1. Truck Drivers

This is one of the works in the USA for foreigners that are currently making waves there. The truck driving profession is now made simple for foreigners in the United States thanks to contemporary technology and the creation of a driverless car.

Also noteworthy is the fact that truck driving is one of the few professions in which entry-level employment does not require a bachelor of science degree.

Regardless of their educational experience or degree of schooling, intelligent people frequently use this as a starting point.

Even American medical doctors frequently work as truck drivers on the side while they pursue their professional licenses, which can take several years to obtain.

2. Security Guards

For new immigrants from outside who have recently arrived in the United States, this is the most typical job.

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There is an increased need for security personnel in the US nowadays because of the unprecedented irrational gunmen who kill citizens regardless.

You will be happy to work as security guard after just a few days of training in fire arm handling.

3. Plumbing

Be not surprised; plumbers are in high demand in today’s culture.

No matter how technologically sophisticated a building is built, maintenance issues with water closet leaks and blockages will eventually arise. There is hence a great need for it.

Plumbers are needed for city construction and maintenance. One of the top works in USA for foreigners right now with decent compensation is that of a plumber.

4. Beekeeping

Today, Bee is being kept full-time by foreigners in the US, who are making a decent living.

The majority of Americans believe that natural honey is a great replacement for refined sugar since they ignore it to avoid obesity or other types of medical concerns.

Regarding this, natural honey is in demand as a replacement for refined sugar among Americans.

Numerous immigrants from abroad who chose beekeeping as a career that didn’t require a degree have testified to how much money they were able to make every day.

If you are a foreign national looking for employment without a bachelor’s degree, this is your chance to seize the day.

5. Cleaner

There are numerous cleaning companies in the US that are always hiring workers. You will need to utilize home chemicals while working physically, therefore it is not the easiest task. The hourly rate ranges from $10 to $20. Additionally, it is possible to get tips. On the Internet, it is the simplest approach to find employment. The hotel’s maid has a close-by specialty.

6. Courier

Even without a car, you can apply for this work. You should just be able to answer a few basic questions and greet people in English. The job of a meal delivery man can be described as a necessary and straightforward one.

Professional Work in USA for Foreigners

Understandably, the majority of positions demand the highest level of English proficiency. In other instances, the employer demands a certificate proving a certain level of general language competency, such as the TOEFL or IELTS. Exams are also available for lawyers, ILEC, and those in the accounting and finance fields, ICFE.

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The following is the list of best work with good payment in the United States for foreigners with their academic qualifications.

1. Nursing/Midwifery

Baby boomers are populating the world, making nursing and midwifery an essential career for foreigners in the US.

This is a registered nurse who also works as a midwife, looking after childbirth and providing prenatal and postpartum care for new mothers and their infants. Women can also get gynecological exams from them.

With little to no further training, the service provided by this profession is currently in high demand.

2. Software Engineering

Currently, the USA has a huge demand for software developers, and this is one of those needs.

Because of the fast-paced development of information and communication technology.

Numerous experts contend that software engineers create, test, assess, and maintain the systems or applications that enable software to function properly.

3. Pharmacy Technician

Another medical professional who works for foreigners in the United States is a certified pharmacist.

Due to the growing number of health issues and pharmacological requirements in society, they are in high demand. The person who gives patients their medications on prescription from doctors is a pharmacy technician.

4. Physician Assistant

Even if you are a licensed physician from your native country, you cannot simply fly to the United States and begin working as a physician.

Before you can completely serve as a licensed physician assistant, you will need to go through additional training and begin as a medical assistant under supervision.

5. Gerontology

In order to improve people’s quality of life, gerontological nursing, a specialized nursing discipline, gives nurses the chance to collaborate with the community, governmental, and non-governmental groups.

Some individuals in other parts of the world think this field is new because there aren’t many educational institutions that offer its academics.

This is due to the fact that its resources are dispersed throughout numerous universities around the world, which makes research more constrained than it would be if conducted at a single institution.

So, if you’re a professional in gerontology nursing and you’re from outside the USA, this is your chance to work there right away for a nice salary.

That concludes our discussion about work in USA for foreigners with good pay. You may leave a comment in the space below and share this story with your social media friends.


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