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All the same, if you have all it takes to move to Canada as a transport truck driver, we have got you covered.

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Do you care to know more? Follow us in this article as we unveil everything you need to know about moving to Canada as a transport truck driver.

It includes job definition, title and description, together with the best pathways and steps to enable you to work in Canada


What does a truck driver do?
The truck driver works for a transport company that delivers goods across the country. They may deliver consumer goods or distribute hazardous materials in the area.

Truck drivers drive heavy trucks to transport goods and materials on city, intercity, provincial and international routes. They usually work for transport, manufacturing, distribution and handling companies, as well as transport for hire companies, or may be self-employed.

In addition, this group of units includes truck drivers and special-purpose maneuvers to move trailers to and from loading docks or inland docks.


Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Truck Driving Job

Truck driving is a rewarding job with numerous advantages. People who wish to be their own boss, generate money, and live life on their own terms might consider it as a career option.

The best reasons to work as a truck driver in 2022 are:

– The average salary of truckers is $59,000 per year.

– There are many opportunities for advancement in the industry.

– Truck drivers can earn extra income by renting out their trucks.

Truck Driver Jobs Requirement in Canada (With Visa Sponsorship)

Let’s take a look at what it takes to get a job as a truck driver in Canada. This will assist you in understanding what is required to obtain a visa sponsorship truck driver employment in Canada as a foreigner. These trucking companies like it when you have all the requirements set out before applying.

They include the following:

  • Truck driver jobs in Canada include permanent, full-time, overtime, weekend, day, night, and evening works.
  • A secondary school diploma is preferred but not essential for this position.
  • Heavy-duty driving expertise is a plus, but it is not essential.
  • The ability to communicate in basic or functional English is necessary.
  • Certificates, Licenses, memberships, courses, and other credentials will be required for this job.
  • A valid driver’s license (Class 1 or A) is necessary, as well as the Air Brake (Z) Endorsement.
  • Trucking and Equipment Types: Tractor-trailer, Flatbed, Refrigerated, Highway, Straight truck (4,600kg+ or 10,000lbs+ with 3+ axles).
  • Safety and Security: Basic security clearance, criminal background check, driving record check (abstract), medical examination, and drug test are all required.
  • Information about transportation and travel: Willing to travel throughout Canada and the United States. Willing to travel during the day, evening, or night, including overnight routes, and willing to travel for long periods of time.
  • Other: Candidates must be legally permitted to work in Canada and willing to operate in a two-person team to drive long-haul trucks.


Job Descriptions of a Transport Truck Driver Job

The following is a list of common tasks that transport truck drivers in Canada are required to do:

  • Vehicle systems, equipment, and accessories such as tires, lighting, turn signals, brakes, and cold storage should all be inspected before, during, and after the trip.
  • To transport products and supplies, run primarily straight trucks on local and short interurban routes.
  • Plan your journey’s logistics and gather the paperwork you’ll need to transfer products.
  • You’ll need additional permits and other papers to move items on foreign lines.
  • Ensure that cargo is properly secured in accordance with safety regulations, and that dangerous goods transportation safety precautions are followed.
  • Keeping track of cargo, service hours, distance driven, and fuel usage is essential.
  • Keep logbooks and bills of lading, either manually or electronically.
  • Communicate with the dispatcher, other drivers, and clients through communication devices and onboard computers.

Top Provincial Programs in Canada for Truck Driver Jobs

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular programs for finding a truck driver job in Canada with visa sponsorship:

British Columbia

In Canada, British Columbia has a provincial program for truck drivers.

For candidates in British Columbia’s entry-level and semi-skilled category, which includes over 400 job openings, a full-time job offer in long-haul trucking is the gold standard. Long-haul drivers are allowed to stay in the province indefinitely. Visit their website to learn more about immigration in British Columbia.


Quebec now has 837 job openings for truck driver jobs, making it the most competitive province in the country. Truck driver employment prospects are ‘good,’ according to information on the Quebec government’s employment website.


Along with three other occupations, the NOC code for transport truck drivers (7511) was added to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Employer Job Offer In-Demand Skills Stream in July 2019.

It means that experienced truck drivers with a job offer in Ontario can follow a set of guidelines to obtain permanent residency in the country.


With almost 500 job opportunities on the employment bank, long-haul truckers are another in-demand profession under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. Truck drivers are eligible for both the Alberta Opportunity Stream and Alberta Express Entry.

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Truck Drivers’ Wages in Canada

Hourly pay for truck drivers is now competitive with national and provincial averages.

The median salary of truck drivers is slightly lower than the national average, according to employment bank and Statistics Canada statistics, but it can rise to more than $8 over that average, to $32 per hour, in a variety of cases.

Wages for truck drivers are predicted to rise in the coming years as labor market demand increases.

Top Trucking Companies to Work for in 2022

The trucking industry is always changing, and it’s critical for businesses to invest in cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the curve. Here are a few of the best trucking firms doing exactly that.

Best Company to Work for:

1. FedEx Ground

2. UPS Freight

3. Schneider National

4. Ryder System, Inc. 5. JB Hunt Transport Services, Inc 6. Cargill, Inc

How to Find a Job at These Top Trucking Companies?

It’s no surprise that trucking is a popular career choice. Truck drivers are in high demand all over the world, so there are lots of employment openings at these prestigious trucking firms.

You must first locate an employer that matches your interests and qualifications in order to find a job with one of these top trucking businesses.

It’s no surprise that trucking is a popular career choice. Truck drivers are in high demand all over the world, so there are lots of employment openings at these prestigious trucking firms.

You must first locate an employer that matches your interests and qualifications in order to find a job with one of these top trucking businesses.

Then fill out an application online or in person. You can also look for employers or recruiters who specialize in this industry on social media. They’re a wonderful method to identify businesses who are seeking for people in this profession, and they can also connect you with people who can help you advance your career in the future.

FedEx, for example, is continuously on the lookout for new employees with the proper skills and certifications. So, if you have the necessary experience, now is the time to enter the sector!

Tips on How to Get Hired at One of the Top Truck Driving Companies

Because of the rising demand for goods delivery, truck driving is becoming a popular employment option. Professional drivers with expertise and competence in this industry are sought by the best trucking companies.

The following are some tips on how to get hired at one of the top truck driving companies:

– Have a clean and valid driver’s license

– Be a licensed driver with a minimum of three years’ experience

– Be able to work in all types of weather conditions

– Be able to drive more than one type of truck

Steps to Move to Canada as a Truck Driver for Trucking Companies

If you want to get a truck driver job, you have to adhere the following guidelines;

Step 1: Open An Express Entry Account

You will be asked to create an account when you visit the IRCC website. You’ll also get all of the information you need to open an express entry account.

Step 2: Choose a Program

Any of the aforementioned routes can be taken. The federal skilled worker program is the best option for you, as previously stated.

Step 3: Find a Job Offer

If you have a genuine job offer, you can easily relocate to Canada as a transport truck driver.

By getting a job offer prior to your immigration, you are assuring the Canadian government that you will not be a burden to the country.

Step 4: Receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply)

This happens after you’ve made your account and filled out all of the relevant forms. You will only be invited to apply if your CRS score is good.

After that, you can work as a transport truck driver in Canada and apply for permanent residency.

Step 5: Submit your Application with Supporting Documents

After obtaining an ITA, you must respond as soon as possible. If you do not answer within the following 60 days, your spot may be forfeited. In addition, you must pay a CAD 150 application fee.

Step 6: Get your Work Permit

You will be able to work in Canada with your work permit. You must, however, do it as soon as possible. You will be able to obtain this at the Canadian border.


If you are thinking of the best truck driver jobs that will fit you, then go ahead and connect with the trucking companies we have listed here for easy visa sponsorship.

The top trucking companies jobs are those with a lot of safety measures and are open to persons who have prior truck driving expertise. Many businesses are now offering people the chance to start a career in trucking.


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