International Grants for Women Starting a Business of their Own

Grants for Women starting a business are non-profit organizations dedicated to helping low-income women achieve economic self-sufficiency through financial literacy training and access to capital. Grants for Women has helped over 30,000 women since their inception.

There are several types of grants for women out there. Some are designed specifically for women, while others are open to both men and women. These grants are usually awarded to nonprofit organizations or government agencies. They are often funded by private foundations, corporations, or individuals.

There are several types of grants for women. Some are specifically designed to help women start or continue their businesses. Others are intended to help women gain new skills. Still others are designed to assist women in paying off debt or improving their credit score.

Are you looking for such grants ? If yes, then you should check out the following article. In this post, I am going to share some information about grants for women.


About Grants for Women

There has never been a greater need for financial support for women who want to build businesses. According to The World Bank, women represent half of the labor force worldwide. They also contribute half of the income in developing countries.

And despite their high level of participation in the workforce, they remain underrepresented in leadership positions. Women are less likely to receive credit for their ideas and creativity, and therefore often fail to get funding for their projects and initiatives.

Raising capital is crucial to the success of many enterprises. However, women-owned businesses face particular challenges when trying to secure business investment and capital.

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Female business owners experience a disproportionately high percentage of difficulties getting their applications for business funding authorized compared to their male counterparts.

To this effect, these grants were setup to help the women folk in women.

List of Grants for Women Starting a Business of their Own

Women are often overlooked when it comes to starting their own businesses. This is true even though they are responsible for 60% of the workforce in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Women who want to start their own businesses face a number of challenges because of stereotypes, lack of knowledge, and discrimination.

Below are a number of grants and programs out there that can assist women entrepreneurs;

1. Amber Grant

Amber Wigdahl passed away at the age of 19, before getting the chance to fulfill her dream of founding a business.

WomensNet created the Amber Grant program in 1998 to honor aspiring entrepreneurs. The organization distributes grants totalling at least $35,000 each month.

A woman-owned firm is eligible to obtain funding if its application convinces the selection committee.

Click Here to Apply for Amber Grant.

2. Grants.Gov is one of the first places to visit if you’re looking for business grants for women. A list of government prizes that are open to both men and women can be found on the website.

You can look for grants made specifically with female business owners in mind using the database’s search option.


1. To begin, you need to register for a Workspace account. Any incomplete individual grant applications that are accessible through the database can then be modified and completed by you and other team members.

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2. Verify that you or your business is eligible for the grants in question before you begin the application process. Click Here to Apply


Women still experience difficulties now and have for hundreds of years despite their commercial and professional successes.

They need grants and scholarships as a result. Despite making up over 51% of the world’s population, women still remain a minority and face a number of related issues.

Due to their persistent undervaluation and mistreatment, women frequently endure unfair practices such gender discrimination, undervaluation, and even harassment. Click Here to Apply

4. Cartier Women’s Initiative

The Cartier Women’s Initiative launched an annual initiative in 2006 to assist female entrepreneurs. The grants are open to applications from women-owned or -led businesses.


You must be able to prove to be a woman who ran or owned your business that it seeks to make a beneficial, lasting impact on society or the environment. Apply Here

5. Eileen Fisher Women-owned Business Grant

In 2015, Eileen Fisher received a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to support women entrepreneurs. This program provides grants to women-owned businesses that want to expand their operations or create new ones.

The Eileen Fisher organization, a women’s fashion firm founded more than three decades ago, awards $200,000 in grants each year to qualified women-owned businesses.

This year, the SBA announced that it would be awarding $1 million in grants to women-owned companies across the country. These grants will provide funding for things such as marketing, inventory, and other expenses.


1. In order to be eligible, your business must be able to show that it provides direct services to its clients. Additionally, it needs to be an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization (or have a fiscal sponsor).

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2. Organizations linked with specific political parties or religious groups are not eligible for grant financing.

Additionally unacceptable are academic institutions, capital campaigns, event sponsorships, and enterprises controlled by people who do not identify as women. Apply Here

6. The Halstead Grant

Are you looking for funding for your startup idea? The Halstead Foundation has launched a new grant program called the Halstead Grant. This program awards $10,000 grants to entrepreneurs who are developing innovative ideas in the areas of health, energy, environment, or food.

Halstead Foundation offers a number of programs to assist startups through their growth phases. The Halstead Grant is designed to provide funding for entrepreneurs who are working on projects that focus on innovation and sustainability.


15 business-related questions must be answered on the application. By the deadline of August 1st, you must submit your complete application together with samples from your design portfolio in order to be considered for the current year’s prize. Apply Here


The grants for women program was created to provide financial assistance to low income women who want to start their own businesses.

Women should apply for grants for women because they offer a variety of benefits such as training, mentoring, and networking opportunities. These programs also allow women to gain access to capital and resources needed to start their own businesses without having to worry about paying back loans.

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