Theobarth Grant Disbursement – 2022 Updates Up to $3,000

In this article, we will try as much as possible to be well detailed on the Theobarth Grant Disbursement Update. So if you have been searching for the latest update about the disbursement, I implore you to kindly go through.

This article is for those who have already applied for the Theobarth grant, those who wish to apply and those who want to get full details on what the grant is all about. 

Let us walk you through what brought you here without wasting any time. However take note that no funds have been disbursed to any applicant or NGO as of the date of the publication of this article.  Ignore those who tell you otherwise. I can honestly state that payout has not yet begun.

What is Theobarth Foundation Grant? 

Theobarth Global Foundation Grant is an internationally recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and a registered limited liability company in Nigeria, incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and other financial institutions that regulates all business conglomerates in Nigeria.

The Theobarth Global Foundation is providing funds to many Nigerian families that are struggling to make ends meet.

Those who meet the requirements for the grant will be given between the range of $1,000 to $3,000 which is equivalent to N550,000 and N1,600,000 respectively. 

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TheoBarth Grant – Vision Statement 

Through their empowerment program, Theorbarth envisions a country where the most underprivileged families are empowered to overcome adversity and develop vital, healthy lives for themselves and their communities.

TheoBarth Grant – Mission Statement

The Fundamental mission of Theobarth is to ensure the stability of all the poor people in the system, to give people’s life a meaning by empowering the downtrodden through social intervention programs, technology, skill acquisition programs, adult education, practical and radical human development programs, keeping track of the poor, in Nigeria and Africa. 

Knowing this, I feel you should be informed that, unlike other non-governmental organizations, TheoBarth is here to stay and will never fail to fulfill its mission.

Is Theobarth Grant Real?

A lot of people have been asking if the grant Theobarth is offering is real. To be candid, from all the processes and procedure in which they have done so far it is wise to say that Theobarth grant is real. Just like any other grant, it is meant to go through processes and get adequate approval from Central Bank of Nigeria so as to avoid misappropriation of the said funds.

How to Apply for Theobarth Global Foundation Grant

To apply for the Theobarth Global Foundation Grant 2022, simply fill out the form below with the required information:

  • Account Name
  • Account Number 
  • Bank Name

To have a smooth experience while applying for the grant, you must first join a cluster.

TheoBarth Grant Disbursement Latest Updates 

Information has it that TheoBarth Global is still meeting with the federal government to ensure that money is easily disbursed through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and that it reaches the appropriate people.

This is due to the large sums of money that must be disbursed and which cannot be done through commercial institutions. Although there has been some success in this area. We anticipate receiving our funds in our bank account at any moment.

Nevertheless, if you have not yet confirmed your ID with your cluster, please do so now. Meet with the person with whom you registered and provide a copy of a valid form of identification, such as your voter’s card, driver’s license, NIN, or international passport, as well as two copies of your passport photo.

Do not pay anyone at any point of this grant, according to Theophilus Oloche Ebonyi, CEO and Founder of TheoBarth Global, because the grant is completely free to all eligible Nigerians who applied.  When TheoBarth grant disbursement begins, it will be distributed to all who applied for it. Please be patient with the system.

If, on the other hand, you have completed all steps of the TheoBarth grant (i.e., you have been officially registered and your ID has been verified), then simply wait for TheoBarth to disburse as promised.

Please contact us via the comment box area below if you have any questions about TheoBarth Grant Disbursement Update. You can also subscribe to this blog to make sure you don’t miss any of our daily updates.

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