NEXIT CBN business Loan | How to Apply and Get CBN Loan Without Collateral

If you have been looking for a way to apply for the NEXIT CBN Business Loan then you have arrived at the right place as I will be guiding you in this article on the step by step you need to take. 

First, you need to understand what NEXIT is all about and why it is issuing out collateral free loan. The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS)  rolled out criteria for all departed Batch A and B Npower beneficiaries to be eligible for the N3,000,000 Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, entrepreneurship loan as efforts to eliminate unemployment among Nigerian youths intensify.

The main goal of this program is to provide economic opportunities to recipients, in keeping with the Federal Government’s initiative to empower Nigerian youths and stimulate entrepreneurship.

Criteria for Beneficiaries to be Qualified for the NEXIT CBN Loan

To be qualified for the loan, you must make sure to meet the following requirements;

  1. You are not tided to other CBN loan obligation
  2. Have a BVN Number
  3. Have registered your business with CAC (Optional)
  4. You have attended the Nexit training ( With certificate)
  5. Have a business plan

NEXIT CBN Business Loan Registration

The Nexit portal is currently open for registration, and all interested volunteers are encouraged to apply for the loan through the NEXIT CBN Portal.

The Portal, which was recently opened by the Federal Government Ministry through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, would allow former N-Power beneficiaries to enroll for CBN empowerment programs.

Exited N-Power beneficiaries will be able to log in and apply for the various Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship opportunities on the web, thanks to the Central Bank’s Npower Exit platform.

The NEXIT site is used to assess the eligibility of exited beneficiaries for CBN empowerment programs, and it is contingent on meeting the CBN’s loan requirements. The registration page is now available.

If you have any questions about registering for a NEXIT CBN loan? Please leave a comment below this article so that we can respond to your questions and keep you up to date on the latest news.

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Npower NEXIT Portal Login 

The NEXIT Portal for Npower 2022 is now available, and you can apply online. All previous Npower beneficiaries are eligible to apply, according to the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs.

This means that the NEXIT website is solely for Npower participants who have been removed from the program. You should be able to access the NEXIT Portal from here.

As a result, the CBN empowerment initiative aims to assist and support these people. If you are one of them, we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity by registering through the NEXIT application site.

Things you should know before applying for the Npower CBN Affiliated NEXIT Programme.

  • It is for Npower Batch A beneficiaries who were recently graduated from the programme.
  • 2016 beneficiaries of Npower are eligible.
  • There are various options to select in the portal once you login.
  • NEXIT Application has began and you can apply online.
  • Deadline is yet to be announced.


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