Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Programme 2023

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation is encouraging first-year university students to apply for the Foundation’s Fellowship Program because it is committed to funding the education and development of people in Southern Africa with entrepreneurial potential.

The Fellowship offers comprehensive entrepreneurial training to ensure that potential fellows are capable of developing an idea into a workable possibility and that they perceive entrepreneurship as a viable career path. It goes beyond traditional academic instruction.

A Personal Development Officer and an Entrepreneurial Leadership Officer are assigned to each candidate in addition to financial and academic support, to aid in their adjustment to a new environment and to help them exercise their entrepreneurial ideas.

The beneficiaries of fellowships, known as Allan Gray Candidate Fellows, are given financial assistance for their academic pursuits as well as mentoring and training to foster an entrepreneurial attitude.

With the help of the Fellowship Programme, students can develop their entrepreneurial potential and become well-rounded, high-impact, and ethical businesspeople.

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Criteria for the Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Programme

  • Applicant must be a current grade 6 learner in year of application
  • Applicant must be a South African citizen
  • Candidates must not be older than 12 years of age and not younger than 11 years of age in grade 6
  • Applicant must demonstrate financial need
  • Applicant must obtain a minimum of 70% for English and Mathematics
  • Application must obtain a Minimum overall average of 70%

The applicant must demonstrate the following entrepreneurial characteristics:

  • Growth Mindset – the belief that one’s intelligence can be developed
  • Self-Efficacy – self-belief to achieve goals
  • Leadership – to positively lead and influence others
  • Opportunity Identification – ability to identify opportunities of value
  • Curiosity – ability to explore and discover new information
  • Problem Solving – the ability to creatively solve problems

Process for the Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Programme

  • Submit hard copy of your application form and supporting documentation or apply online
  • Successful applicant will be required to write the Foundation exam in Mathematics and English for Grade 6
  • After the Foundation exam, successful candidates will be invited for interviews
  • Recommended candidates will be invited to the placement schools for interviews.
  • Candidates whose recommendations are approved by the placement schools will be awarded the Scholarship
  • Once the Scholarship is awarded, the Foundation, placement school and the Scholar’s custodian sign a Memorandum of Agreement

Value of Award 

The Fellowship provides access to quality tertiary education opportunities as part of our belief, which has been supported by research, that there is an increased possibility of success when entrepreneurs have a concrete foundation in their education.

The Fellowship covers the following:

  • Full cost of university tuition
  • Full cost of university accommodation plus meals, books and tutor allowances
  • A monthly living stipend
  • Academic support and access to an entrepreneurial and personal development programme
  • Mentorship, both from individually assigned Foundation-employed staff, as well as business mentors
  • Access to potential postgraduate funding for graduated Candidate Fellows
  • No postgraduate contractual obligation

How to Apply 

Qualified Grade 12 students who meet the basic requirements for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation can apply by registering an account and filling out the online application form. Click here to start the application process.

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